When you visit our office for a consultation, we will ask you to provide us with basic information about you and your situation. You will then meet with either Attorney Jeffrey Peltz or Attorney Venky Anandarangam depending on which attorney is available and the subject matter of your consultation. We consult about a wide range of legal matters, including bankruptcy, divorce, annulment, legal separation, obtaining a green card, citizenship, buying or selling a home, making a change to your deed, and making a will.

Some legal matters, such as applying for citizenship and buying a home, are straight forward and do not usually require considering options. However, other legal matters, such as bankruptcy and divorce, are more likely to require choosing among several options. In those cases, we use our legal knowledge and experience to explain your options and their likely outcomes, the costs involved and the amount of time that each option is likely to take. We may recommend one option, but the final decision about how to proceed will always be yours.

Whether your legal matter requires the consideration of options or not, we will use our considerable experience and knowledge to get the results that you desire.

If you decide to retain our law firm, we will provide you with a written retainer agreement that will state that we represent you and the terms of that representation. You will also pay a retainer fee, which will be the first payment for our legal services.