About Our Law Firm

Legal matters and disputes can be incredibly stressful and intimidating. At Jeffrey B. Peltz, P.C., we aim to provide our clients with the security, confidence and knowledge that come with having an attorney by your side who has successfully helped clients for over 35 years.


Our Caring Attitude Guides our Law Practice

Legal matters can be complex and emotionally draining. There are those who take unfair advantage of people with legal issues who are in a vulnerable position. We do everything in our power to fight for the rights of our clients who have been exposed to such dishonesty. We protect your rights aggressively and always put your interests first. We are not just a law firm, we are a part of our community. We take pride in the number of people we have helped move past a legal issue. 

At Jeffrey B. Peltz, P.C., our lawyers are caring and professional advocates for the community. We believe that practicing law honorably and for the betterment of our clients is not just a good business plan, but also the right thing to do.

That is why we are always upfront and transparent about how we can help you and what actions we are taking on your behalf. It is why most consultations are free and we charge reasonable fees for outstanding legal work. When you are working with us, you are a part of a team, and a part of our extended family. 

Free Initial Consultations Offered at Our Conveniently Located Office

Part of practicing law is providing outstanding client service. Our office is located in downtown Manhattan near public transportation, easily accessible from anywhere in New York City. In addition to English, we also speak Spanish.  We accept credit cards and we can work with you on payment plans. We do everything in our power to facilitate an outcome and experience that you would recommend to family members and friends. We are happy to say many of our clients do refer their friends and family to us when legal issues arise.

Our job is to reduce stress and uncertainty in your legal matter. After over 35 years of dedicated representation, we understand how we can ease your concerns. Contact us at 718-625-0800 or reach us online here.