The H1B Visa allows a foreign professional to enter the United States and work on a temporary bases for a U.S. employer. The visa is good for 3 years and can be extended for an additional 3 years, making a total of 6 years. The H1B Visa applicant is allowed to bring along a spouse and children under 21 years old on an H4 Visa. The spouse is not allowed to work. The children are allowed to attend school.

In order qualify for an H1B Visa the following conditions must be met:

A U.S. employer must sponsor the employee. The employer must offer employment that involves a specialty occupation which requires special skills in that field. Examples of such occupations include the following: , accounting, architecture, biotechnology, business, education, engineering, law, mathematics, medicine, physical sciences, social sciences, theology, and the arts.

The foreign employee must have at least a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in an area related to the proposed position. If the applicant doesn’t have at least a bachelor’s degree it may be possible to substitute relevant work experience and education in the field. The employer must prove that it will pay at least the minimum wages and provide the same working conditions to the foreign national as it would to a U.S. employee.

H1B Visas are also available to fashion models. Fashion Models are not required to have a bachelor’s degree; however they must be of distinguished merit and ability. The number of H1B Visas are very limited and there is always a shortage of these visas.

An H1B visa holder may apply for a Green Card.