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Jeffrey B.Peltz, P.C.
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Brooklyn, New York 11242
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   Since 1986, we have been helping clients with immigration matters. In addition to our experience, we excel because of our caring attitude toward our clients. Especially in the area of immigration, there are those who take unfair advantage of people with immigration issues. It is essential to use the services of an experienced immigration lawyer, whom you can trust. It is especially important not to rely upon the services of a non-lawyer.


    When someone comes to our office with an immigration issue, we use our knowledge and experience to provide options and information. If what is being sought, such as a green card, cannot be obtained under the law, we inform the person during the initial consultation without cost.


   Among the many immigration matters that we handle is obtaining permanent residency, also known as getting a green card, through family sponsorship or through marriage. We also assist clients in obtaining their U.S. citizenship or visas and in deportation proceedings.


   In addition, our knowledge of other areas of law, such as divorce, is often very useful in immigration matters, especially when a spouse is a sponsor or when our client is applying for citizenship based upon a green card obtained through a spousal sponsorship.


   We handle immigration matters throughout New York and New Jersey. We offer free consultations. We have evening and Saturday hours. We also speak Spanish, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu. We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express credit cards. Our fees are reasonable, and we offer payment plans. Call us at (718) 625-0800 schedule a free consultation.