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Law Office of
Jeffrey B.Peltz, P.C.
26 Court Street, Ste. 503
Brooklyn, New York 11242
Telephone: (718) 625-0800

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  • "I was delighted to receive a copy of your newsletter yesterday and found all of your topics to be interesting and very informative. I would also like to thank you for your help last year. Your kindness and professionalism will always be remembered. I look forward to future newsletters. Again, thank you. " –P.H. Brooklyn, N.Y.

  • "A very special thank you for being so kind. I send this card to thank you and your staff for every-thing you all did for me and my wife thought out the bankruptcy. Truly yours, " –C.W. & B.W. - Brooklyn, N.Y.

  • "I have just recently retired and thanks to you. I have peace of mind knowing I do not have to spend my social security allowance on bills. I appreciate the service I received from you and your fine staff. Please keep me on your mailing list. Happy New Year to all! Sincerely," –F.B.-Brooklyn, N.Y.

  • "Thank you for being there in my time of urgent need. May God comfort you and have mercy on you and your family. May your cup runneth over. With blessings. " –B.M.J. - Queens