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Family Law


                During the past 30 years, over 10,000 people, like you, have chosen us as their family law attorney in New York. We think of our clients and former clients as our extended family. We are honored that many of these clients have referred their own family members, friends and colleagues to us. 

                When you are looking for a family law attorney in New York you want and should expect more than merely a family law attorney.  You want a law firm that uses its deep and broad experience to help solve your legal needs, may it be an annulment, divorce, legal separation, pre or post nuptial agreement or family court matter.  You also want your family law attorney to get the results that you desire as inexpensively and as quickly as possible.  In addition, you want a law firm that treats you with the understanding, patience and respect that you deserve. 

                When you come to our law office concerning a family law problem, we listen carefully to all of the facts and give the matter our full expertise and consideration. Our knowledge of other areas of law, including bankruptcy, immigration and real estate, is often essential to providing a full range of options to you.  For example, many times when considering annulment or divorce you need to consider the immigration consequences if one of the spouses sponsored the other for a green card.  Also, when ending a marriage, filing bankruptcy may be needed due to the marital debts.  If real estate is owned, knowledge in that area of law is also required in order to provide you a full analysis of your situations and options.


                When it comes to family law in New York you want a law firm, like ours, that has many years of experience with an excellent track record.  We have helped thousands of people resolve their family law issues, at a reasonable cost, and as quickly as possible.     You may read the reviews online that our clients have made over the years and you will find that many of them are very pleased that they came to us when they were looking for a New York family law attorney.


                  We handle all types of family law matters, including contested and uncontested divorces, annulments, legal separations, prenuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, family court, child support, custody, visitation, spousal support, paternity and orders of protection.


                  We offer free consultations for all matters, other than Family Court.  for Family Court matters our consultation fee is $200, which may be applied towards our legal fee if you retain our law firm to represent you in the Family Court matter.   During the consultation, based upon your situation, we will inform you of your rights and options, and we will discuss our legal fee. We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express credit cards. We offer evening and Saturday appointments.


                  Being a New York family law attorney, we handle uncontested divorces and annulments, as well as legal separation agreements throughout New York State. We handle other family law matters in the following counties of New York: Kings (Brooklyn), New York (Manhattan), Staten Island (Richmond), Queens, Bronx, Nassau and Westchester. We also speak Spanish, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu.