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   Most people do not like to think about their need for a will, a living will or a health care proxy. It reminds them of their mortality. In fact, many put off getting these vital documents until it is too late.


   Your will is your opportunity to state who will receive your property and even who will become the legal guardian of your children after your death. If you die without a will, New York State law will determine who will get your property and perhaps become the legal guardian of your children.


   Everyone needs a living will and health care proxy. If you become ill and unable to make medical decisions regarding your own care, your doctor will learn from your living will what actions you want them to take or not to take on your behalf. The health care proxy gives the legal authority for someone whom you have selected to give instructions to your doctors about your care. Without these documents, one of your family members or even a person who is a stranger to you may have to seek appointment as your guardian in order to make such important decisions.


   Through a power of attorney, you can authorize another person to sign legal documents for you while you are alive. This can be especially useful if you are ill and or elderly and find it difficult or impossible to take care of your own affairs. In addition, you can use the power of attorney to state whom you wish to become your legal guardian if one needs to be appointed for you in the future.


   If you die without a will and own property in your own name alone, your family will likely need an attorney to administrator your estate, which simply means to gain court approval to distribute your estate property. If you die with a will, a similar process will occur, which is referred to as probating your estate.


   If you need to create or revise a will, a living will, a health care proxy, or a power of attorney, or you need to administer or probate an estate, you may call us at (718) 625-0800 for a free consultation.